today's designer fav -Karim Rashid's modern wallpaper

Designer Karim Rashid is enigmatic, and his futuristic style is changing design as we know it . He pushes boundaries, and rarely uses a straight light so his patterns are often fluid and give you that feel good feeling.  The following are 2 patterns we thought we would highlight from his wallpaper book.

Come into the store to see the rest, so many textured patterns and colour schemes to choose from.

Benjamin Moore colours from left to right:  AF-500 atmospheric, 2071-60 lily lavender, 2049-50 spectra blue, 2122-70 snow white, 2052-70 ice blue

Benjamin Moore colours from left to right: 2021-50 yellow lotus, 2146-40 pale avocado, 2079-40 springtime bloom, 2122-50 iceberg