3 Fav Benjamin Moore Taupes

CC-490 Stone Hearth

ec67e680dd00d2d4c2f6bcd1f16f3fceThis popular taupe by Benjamin Moore is warm and has undertones of brown. It's a light to medium tone and looks fantastic with hardwood flooring and brick when used on exteriors. Looking for a nice neutral tone for a hallway or common area, this taupe will likely work great with the other warm paint colours of adjoining rooms. Screen-Shot-2011-11-23-at-10.10.33-AM-e1322071878905

HC-87 Ashley Gray

07a4b6e828cee4fd953730a98a483bb5There is a richness to this taupe by Benjamin Moore, that is what makes it a favourite. It's not dark, but with the deep rich undertones of gray/brown it makes a great cozy living/family room colour (see below).
Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 8.06.56 AM

CC-460 Inukshuk

db6ec8c5bb8de5897042f8446f7d53af-1 This Canadian classic is softer than the above taupes, it has more of a gray base and less brown to it. This colour is a favourite for stagers and people selling their homes. It usually compliments most flooring, stone and fabrics. 91227d59986a75420af2d51c37fd0a22Screen Shot 2014-11-20 at 8.12.09 AM