A Baby's Closet

A trick we love to share with our customers is that baby and kid bedrooms need to be FUN. Their closets are often filled with colourful and fun patterned clothing, why not mimic that on the walls of the closet. We suggest finding an accent colour for the room and painting out the closet in that tone. It's the little details that bring the room together. If you don't want to commit with paint, then colourful accents and bins will work too. cfc0b93373c8057579e1d93377f0f66b 83113f8ae98988e68ba33b310046e6b6 76c2eda5e674a15287921fa1548fe580 ea73b43ac1d337fa3c372aa523671c60 4404be4293935a6864cad0cd31e1e6e7 0184342ac524d62545075b723f9e9559 2209a796abe825b862046d3a969cf559 07859129e6d7329f52752d9e2680ce75 442fc9515a02c8d50b8f3a4822307d8a