a glossy finish

What do you think about high gloss paint? As most people paint with eggshell or flat finishes, high gloss really enhances the dramatic effect of a room. If you are going for this look try Advance High Gloss by Benjamin Moore. high-gloss-painted-kitchenWhat about ceilings painted in high gloss? I love how the rest of the room reflects off the glossy black ceiling in the first image. high-gloss-painted-hallwayOr if you prefer neutral tones in your home, be a little daring by using high gloss for those ivory whites. The glossy white hallway reflects light in an effective way. high-gloss-painted-living-room picture-19For the really daring, go big with a bold gloss, as in this teal living room. The bright color with the added gloss capture your eye and won’t let it go! 99923685451912260_eMZ6zw3a_c 36310340716865084_fYk6Htsn_c 66217056992548311_De44uTtI_c db848a62db5af9e49980881acf9fc7a7 Picture 9  

What are your thoughts on high gloss paint? What color gloss would you go for?