A Smooth Transition...

One of our newest customers is baby Thomas. His small bedroom space is a hammy down from his older sister.  Thomas' room was magically transformed by colour.

healy-girls-bedroom-1From top: 2081-30 Vibrant Blush, 2087-60 Ribbon Pink, 2147-50 Pale Sea Mist, 2147-40 Dill Pickle.


 It's amazing what Meg from Spaces Design can do with just 3 quarts of paint and some tape.

Click here to see style board.


thomas nursery-healy 1From left: CSP-590 Nile Blue, CC-786 Summer Day, 2134-40 Whale Gray, 2147-40 Dill Pickle

thomas nursery-healy 2

image copyA little shoe colour inspiration.