A Whole New Kind Of Feature Wall

Wall paneling is so immediately impactful for any home. It sets a statement. Paneling your walls with wood trim adds character to basic architecture and it doesn't have to be traditional. It adds instant charm, but does more for a room than just on the trim/baseboards.

Modern abstract paneling is a hot trend right now, that will probably last for a long time. You can paint it, change the colours and match the wall to the trim colour. We are used to seeing wall paneling going either vertical or horizontal on a wall, now get used to diagonal lines and patterns.

All of us want our home to be full of charm and character, but often we buy a house based on other things – location, size or budget. Usually the cheaper and mass-produced houses are the ones that lack the character which gives older homes their innate charm.

Listen up, just because your house was built “basic”, doesn’t mean it has to stay that way.

Come up with a plan:

  1. Draw it out.
  2. Get the wood pieces cut
  3. Attach paneling to wall with glue or a nail gun. (or hire professional)
  4. Prime the walls (we can help you find the best primer for your walls.)
  5. Choose your favourite Benjamin Moore colour for the top coat and apply 2 coats. A matte finish is soft and probably the most popular with panelling.

Have you tried wall paneling in your home? We would love to see it, please send pictures to info@paintersplace.ca