Blue Porch Ceilings

modern-country-white-plastic-philippe-starck-chairs-feel-right-at-home-on-a-country-style-front-porch-with-their-blue-ticking-cushions-light-blue-paint-on-the-ceiling-gives-the-sense-that-you-39-re-alPainting porch ceilings in blue is an old Southern tradition that is working its way up to Canada and Northern U.S.A.
They have been popular in the South for centuries. “Porch ceilings have always been blue in the South,” says Lori Sawaya, an independent Principal Color Strategist.
Once just an old Southern tradition, the blue porch ceiling has made its way north and is being introduced to new generations. There are numerous theories as to why – from fooling spiders and wasps into thinking the ceiling is the sky, to blue being a harbinger of good luck, to the color extending daylight, to scaring away evil spirits.
It is said to trick spiders and wasps from building nests, by fooling them into thinking the ceiling is the sky. Also the blue being a bringer of good luck old traditions thought this colour extended daylight and other tails include it was done to scare away evil spirits.
For whatever reason it started, we love it. From the palest of powder blues to aquas, teal, cobalt, robin's-egg, periwinkle and gray, blue porch ceilings are popping up all across the country.

image copy 2“People continue to paint their porch ceiling blue because that's what their grandmother did, and that's what her grandmother did.”   -Lori Sawaya

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