Colour Feature Sunday – Peach

Peach is the perfect mix of colours, red is filled with energy and stimulation, and yellow is responsible for happiness and cheerfulness. Peach is happy, it's stimulating with a big dose of clarity.

When it comes to our interiors, peach has a great impact on our well being. A soft, calm peach room creates a sense of stability and security. Bright shades of peach, do the opposite and improve your mood. Its an optimistic colour and will increase your level of happiness.

Fill a room with positive energy and vitality to create a warm and romantic atmosphere by painting the walls or ceiling in peach. It’s flexible and adopts to many different styles, especially in modern interiors. 
You will often see peach paired with its opposite colour teal for high contrast and pop. Or often as a contrast with black and white.

Peach moonstones support the heart and stimulates the mind, soothing worry and anxiety. They bring out the best out of people and promote the divine in all situations. They are a known emotional supporter for intuitive or sensitive children. Hold one of these stones to deflect negative energy and ease emotional traumas.

The paint colour featured 067 Del Ray Peach by @benjaminmoore