Colour Feature ~ Turquoise

Colour Featured: Peacock Blue 2049-40 by Benjamin Moore

Turquoise is associated with refreshing, calm, serene & tranquil energy. It’s said to bring good luck, spiritual grounding and emotional balance.

Colour is powerful, it changes the way that you feel in your space. In order to amp the the feeling and vibe in your home, adding colour can be the most powerful way and it can be the least expensive.

Wondering which room to paint Turquoise in your home? The most common would be the bathroom or bedroom, as these are rooms where people are looking for a refreshing and tranquil vibe. Kitchen cabinets are also stunning in turquoise and the easiest way to bring in a bold colour pop.

Not sure you want to commit to your walls being Turquoise? It is one of the most popular accent colours, so paint furniture, paint a ceiling or a floor. Hunt down some accessories, pillows, tiles or drapes in this colour to add a pop.


A note from Colour Expert & Interior Designer Meg Quasim

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"Quite often I will study colour preferences with my clients, week by week and then again by the month. I guess in a sense, it's a study that allows me to reflect on clients wishes and which colours they fancy the most. Colour changes the way we feel in our spaces, so we need to choose those colours wisely. I can say that turquoise is one of the most popular colours and right now it's only second place to it's darker sister Teal." - Meg Quasim