CSP-95 Sea Salt

e06404f38fcca074fd0d88a72d480bfc16002740_10154969869856323_1973609592916870230_nAn entryway is the first place to make a great impression. Use a bright neutral, like Sea Salt CSP-95, to invite guests in and keep high traffic areas looking beautiful with Aura (via: Hanley Development) 4f1c08330924c0035db6d8b88fab54da The cool undertones of Sea Salt make it a perfect neutral to pair with cool blues and indigos. We love this look mixed with lot's of pattern and textures in accesories. a65620d11d325dd8942100458fdad4d7 5241f7609e8ffa0f49de028ad2c08117 Walls: CSP-95 Sea Salt Cabinets: HC-146 Wedgewood Gray both by Benjamin Moore. a67ef965e935840a375de1024482f212