Designers Call The Ceiling The 5th Wall

The ceiling colour greatly impacts the rooms ambience. The next time you're ready to refresh the look of a room and don't know where to begin—look up! rooms with neutral-colored walls, an unexpected pop of color on the ceiling adds interest and personality, and can really turn up the charm. 10857844_10152913953371323_8066668099594379901_nA large room with a high ceiling can feel impersonal or unbalanced if left untouched. Draw attention to all points in your space by bringing your wall color up. 10849957_10152913953216323_2003874379789032822_nThis room provides the perfect example of how to add a bit of drama while maintaining a neutral color scheme. 1484256_10152913956016323_6064257227669018267_nWarm, organic colors on both the walls and ceiling create a cozy yet elegant look with a natural “break” in a large space.