Get inspired to paint your bedroom

Sometimes we all need a little inspiration when beginning the design process of a room.  Here are some bedroom pictures, hopefully they spark your imagination with a room at your home.


132363676518456321_9FQ8sByb_cDramatic Modern Bedroom designed Stacey Smithers | House & Home

227854062368276264_DkDQEn9f_cHigh contrast patterns in neutral colors, dark walls and accents of vibrant blue take this bedroom from quiet to dynamic!

270356783851826471_RjmGuBKS_cHC-77 Alexandria Beige by Benjamin Moore

271975264966150952_1pEXih9c_cCC-482 Chocolate Fondue by Benjamin Moore

255297872597043530_ctsVYjGn_cFor a soft look try pastels in watery blue tones, such as CC-700 Smoky Green.

5629568254723598_dmHz3kg0_cIf you are using wallpaper as a feature in your bedroom, this is something to think about. Running on to the ceiling and using some indirect lighting to play it up.