It's Golden.

Screen Shot 2014-03-15 at 2.06.43 AM Our love for golden shades in wallpaper are more than just their beauty, their reflective quality can make your space look larger. The light bounces off of these papers and adds the depth you may normally only get from a mirror or window. Below are some prints we love and see remaining classic. Browse, enjoy and come look at our collection of wallpaper books in the store. Nothing transforms a room like wallpaper.









Believe it or not, but wallpaper is back like never before. New textures, modern colours, and bold designs have led to a wallpaper revival not just among homeowners but also with interior designers, architects and design buffs. But it is not just the aesthetic appeal of wallpaper, which has led to the increased interest in wallcovering, some of the other benefits include:
  • easy care - modern wallpapers are washable, durable and wear well
  • economical - today's wallpapers have a lifespan 10+ years
  • colourfast - most wallpapers have the ability to resist change of loss of colour caused by exposure to light
  • quick installation - one coat of wallpaper is all you need
  • covers flaws in the wall surface that paint can't
  • protects the wall surface
  • easy installation and replacement