just one wall

Do any of the following statements apply to you?

  • Your home is new and you are too overwhelmed to paint the whole thing, but the beige walls are too boring.
  • Dark & bright colours scare you.
  • Your partner prefers light colours and you want something more bold.
  • You are living in a rental and afraid to paint, but crave colour.
If so, look no further...a feature wall may just cure you.  Not every room in your home can handle one, but if there is a wall that needs highlighting why not? Below are some spaces that really pop with Benjamin Moore colour, for further questions visit our store and let our helpful staff guide you.

bc7caf70681ad244b8cd67f6ade2295fAF-640 Kasbah

31eb7c9f6928c561502890d4c5b34b692127-30 Gravel Gray

0a816483aeaf2df2babdf0bc9441a797HC-71 Hasbrouck Brown

8666c2ada0de11171b389e0f76c223a9CC-38 Nightfall Sky

da15aeefc9db6d9a8fa939de7a589c782130-20 Caviar

7639dfb14b7dca9f9646798817ccc2152006-10 Merlot

63fe628c40a4d6626285a7bf4734e9dd2063-10 Old Navy

0d690f0f6713915d38d49a086140aac22010-10 Tomato Red