Our Changing Times- Guest Blog from Christine Flack

We are happy to announce that Christine Flack's website is up and running! Go visit her at https://christineflackdesigngroup.com for all your interior designer needs!

This past week, COVID-19 has forced us to change how we live our lives.  Due to this, many changes have occurred and continue to occur day by day. A lot of projects have been cancelled and put on hold. This is understandable during this time of uncertainty. Hopefully in the next few weeks, things will get under control and we can continue to live our lives outside of the confines of our homes.

I for one can't wait.  In the meantime, we have to find a way to move forward while staying safe. I offer a Design Concierge Option in my services.  This allows for services online with no home visit required. I will be extending this service to Colour Consultations so that while you are facing the next few weeks at home, you can start your painting projects to keep you busy. Paint is available through The Painters Place at 478 Dundas Street West with curb side pick up.  This is a great time to get a head start on any projects you have been planning but haven't had time to accomplish.

I want to let my existing clients and any new clients know that I, along with my trusted partners, are pushing forward and getting things accomplished.  Cabinets are still being produced and installed with safety measures in place.  Furniture and Fabrics are still being sourced through my online showroom. Paint is still being mixed.

Things can still move forward in a modified manner.  I would like to try to keep my trusted partner The Painters Place, my drapery workroom, and anyone else that I can along the way busy during this time. If we can continue with design projects, together we can keep small business' running.  

Just a reminder that any cabinetry and custom orders will take 10-12 weeks to be completed before any install or delivery can happen.  Paint can be mixed once order is placed and confirmed.

Let's all use this time to allow our creativity to flow, finding joy in our new and improved spaces.  Together we can help keep small business' alive.  

Stay safe and healthy

Christine Flack