Painted Brick

Brick walls in your home - you either love it or hate them. They impart a sense of age and texture to a room but they can easily overwhelm a small space. There are some people who believe exposed brick should never be painted. People on the other side of the issue feel that brick is heavy and dark and the best path to happiness is a coat of paint.  For some it’s a tough choice. We say PAINT IT!! Below are some examples of how amazing painted brick can look in a room. 0a569842bf98f4481ca65b5f614c4ad4 2acdfcbb082a0cb71794ae3bb4eb92f9 5f60a37940036cf207b0736832e6da59 70ee26f0702e35374c2d2f16479186d9 227e09223fc8206f04c1583a06757608 6155a5815be81a91ed1b4947a30255df 7474010f596ddbc657d3febddf0d4283 1321714737fd0cb6874745fd229eb073 c6fb41f5369de4ace8ea5a6e093cf894 d97641588e0a3e2683afc3cdce0e2dbb dacc1d47c9f40fa09bc94f33cbd95bc2