Q & A- looking for a blue ceiling colour

Hi Painters Place Crew, I have recently purchased two custom ceramic vessel sinks for my master ensuite, the rest of the bathroom is white (wall paint is CC-20 Decorators White).  I would like to find a nice blue tone to paint the ceiling, that would tie in with the sinks.  Any suggestions? Thanks, Rachel Tripp   -Oakville,ON Hi Rachel, First of all we love your new sinks, they are gorgeous and will add so much character to your space.  In contrast with the nice crisp white you have chosen for your main paint colour, here are two suggestions for you. Tranquil Blue 2051-50 will create a nice focal point, on your ceiling.  It's a little more intense, and will stand out nicely against your white walls.    Bird's Egg 2051-60 is more of a pastel tone, that will give you a softer look. We recommend using Aura Bath + Spa for the bathroom ceiling paint, it's flat and made specifically for bathrooms.  If you are unsure, come in and grab some sample pots to try out the colours. Goodluck!