Royal Navy On Cabinets

Screen Shot 2015-01-13 at 1.27.47 PMsophisticated, intimate, crisp, and clean.

For years it's been said that blue is an appetite suppressant, but we think the sight of a navy blue kitchen has the power to instantly feel rich. Navy blue is a classic colour, and yet unexpected. It's more common to see light and bright kitchens. Is it time to give these deep, relaxing, cozy blues a try? 9234e400b985 10897074_765714676844055_2997935311570702961_n Beautiful-bookcase-in-Navy-Blue-make-for-a-lovely-backdrop-in-the-dining-room blue cabinet2 ergonomic-kitchen-with-navy-blue-cabinet-modern-appliances-and-small-refrigerator m_e02a14f5ef8a RUE_Untitled_Panorama2 royal-blue-painted-base-cabients-kithcen-with-colofully-painted-cabinets-450x600 traditional-kitchen