welcoming wallpaper

An entrance is a space that usually has limited amounts of character.  Paint can elevate this room to new heights, but nothing compared to the colourful pattern of wallpaper. We found a few pictures to inspire you, but come into the store and take a look at our wallpaper books. So many great options and there is one perfect pattern waiting for you.     This wallpaper is designed by famous designer Kelly Wearstler, it's simplicity creates a great focal point.   When using wallpaper, never forget that it becomes an instant focal point. From there on, furniture can be white are all one neutral colour and the room won't fall flat.   Paint out an old shelf and/or mirror to match your wallpaper scheme. The results will be stunning and a very in-expensive solution, you will love it. Last but not least, putting wallpaper on the risers of your stairs.  This idea is so creative and a big way to add drama to your entrance.

"The lovely thing about wallpaper in an entry is that it gives the feeling that the space goes on and on-continuing beyond what you can see- whereas with paint your eye stops at the edges." -Rita Koning