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Hello everyone! I thought I would appeal to those with curious minds and make a post that covers the questions I get asked the most. If you are one of those that have questions, maybe I can clarify some of them here for you.

How high should I hang my light fixture above my dining table?

The correct height should be 36" from the table top to the bottom of your fixture. The light fixture is a detail that shouldn't be ignored. Getting it at the perfect height will make it a conversation piece and create ambiance rather than give your guests an achy neck from looking up to admire it.

Should I buy a matching bedroom suite?

Please don't! I know it is tempting but if every piece matches, the entire room becomes a blur and nothing really stands out. You need to tailor the pieces so that they compliment each other. Each piece should tell a part of the story.

Is Wallpaper outdated

Absolutely NOT! Wallpaper is an amazing way to infuse personality and texture into a space. If you are worried that you will tire of it quickly, have your designer select something that is a little more subtle or do a room that you don't spend that much time in such as a powder room. You could also do a feature wall if it makes sense. If you are brave, there are so many beautiful bold patterns out there that are certain to make you smile.

Can I mix metals?

The answer to that is yes you can. You have to be careful in doing this as it needs to make sense. For example doing a black matte for your door hardware and light fixtures while adding a gold to your cabinet hardware works well. I wouldn't mix more than 2 different metals as it will become visually confusing. The goal is to create a cohesive look that compliments every detail.

How large should my area carpet be?

Your carpet should be large enough for your furniture to sit on it completely or at least so that it goes under the first set of legs. An area carpet is like a big hug in a room setting. It creates a coziness as well as finishes the room with an added detail.

Are feature walls out?

Heck no! When deciding whether a feature wall is the right thing in your space you need to ask yourself one question. Why do I want this particular wall to be a focus? The answer should pop into your head pretty quickly. If it doesn't then its not the right wall to select. A feature wall becomes the first place the eye lands in a space so choose wisely or get some help from your friendly designer. aka me

What is the difference between an Interior Designer and an Interior Decorator?

I get asked this question all of the time, so I thought now would be the perfect time to explain.

Interior Design is the art and science of understanding people's lifestyles and behaviours, which in turn creates functional curated spaces within a building. (Interior Design,2020) "The interior design process follows a systemic and co ordinated methodology including research, analysis and integration of knowledge into the creative process" (What is Interior Design?, 2018)

Interior Decorating is the adorning of a space to make it beautiful.

Interior Designers decorate but Interior Decorators do not design.

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